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Developing the Leader in You

  • Coordinate

  • Write down what must be done and a plan to accomplish it. Think through what the outcome may be and consider the choices. Make a list and examine your strength and weaknesses. How can you be an efficient leader by usingyou strengths? How can you change your weaknesses and turn it into a leadership quality?

    You also need to amke sure that you understand the office culture. You need to take into account other people's feelings and views. By understanding them, you will be a stronger leader.By writing down your plans and ideas for the office, you can evaluate them and see how they will be helpful. You will also discover any problems that might occur with your plans.

    Catching problems before you begin makes the execution fot he plan must esaier. Knowing what you want to do and how you want to do it makes it easier to accomplish.

    Other Topics
  • Communicate
  • Direct
  • Listen
  • Challenge
  • Mentor

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